Spring cleaning is finally here. Time to get rid of this stuff.

All parts are $20 obo unless stated otherwise.

1 Avon Tire. Has a staple in it but repairable. If you heard the tire story at the NRN, this tire is fine. It's 160/60 ZR17.

1 front sproket. 15 teeth. Off of an SV650 but should fit a 97-00 GSXR600. Take it as is.

1 set of stock SV650 handle bars (first generation)

1 stock windscreen from an SV650 (first generation)

1 manual from an SV650 (first generation). Includes black bag and ziplock bag to keep it dry. This is $5.

1 HJC clear visor. Fits AC11s and CL14s ($15)