Assault at the shop yesterday
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Thread: Assault at the shop yesterday

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    Assault at the shop yesterday

    I couldn't believe what happened yesterday,last year in Febuary I broke up a group of 12 youths beating up 3 girls at a gas station. 3 of the kid's are being charged and we go to court in June. So this kid shows up at closing yesterday asking if i was the owner of the shop and did I run the place? I said yes and who are you. He said don't you remember an incident about a year ago where you ruined the lives of some 18 year old kids. I then asked who the hell are you and what are you getting at. He then yelled your charging us and ruining our lives drop the charges. He then pushed me and I lost it and started calling him a coward and everything else I could think of. I spent a week in the hospital with a fractured skull and to this day am deaf in my right ear over what happened that night.
    He even made an attempt to kick my dog a 10 pound terrior.

    I am just so pissed off at the fact this kid thinks he is getting screwed over. You would think after 1 year he would have realized that beating up girls with weapons is wrong. But his logic was why was a 30 year old man picking on a bunch of 18 year olds.

    long story short I called in an assault charge with his licence plate. He is suppose to get arrested by today. I figure charging him with assault would completely ruin anything him in court in June. Now he's going to have 2 assualt charges and I'll sue the living hell out of him for my loss of hearing.

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    good thing you guys are moving ..... ibiots !

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    after someone pushes you u can beat them close to death! specially if its at ur own place! heres the kicker u have to call the cops fright after u do it and let them know what happened.

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    right on nail that slimy cowardly little scumbag.When he,s with the big boys in jail he,l learn what asault is all about. Ijust can,t stand hearing about all this swarming incedences. I just wish one of these poor victims just happen to be a bad ass with a gun!

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    Fuckin' assholes, I swear nowadays the kids need to be BEATEN. I hope that his asshole gets to be twice the size it is now in a few years.

    How did the kid make you deaf anyway?

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    u dont go to jail for assault unless its your 20th charge! all the charge means is that bill can go after him civil for damages and make him pay by garnishing his wages and forcing him to work!

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    Sorry to hear about this bullshit Bill. Good on you though for your actions in the past though...

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    haha you ruined their lives? little fuckwads deserve to go to prison and get assraped for trying to beat up girls. what you did was the right thing. hopefully this will be an aggravating factor at their trial. trying to intimidate witnesses. heh.

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    I don't really know what to say.

    But I think we should all show up for the day in court. Let the punks and Bill know Bill has a few friends.

    Name the time and place and I'll be there.
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    Fascist oppressor.

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    hey bill thats awesome, what a bunch of shit heads. fuck them with the biggest boot you can find

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    lol thats all they need to get off! motorcycle gang members beat up and rape 3 18 year olds after court date! lol jajajajajajajajajajajaja

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    Sounds like "threatening a witness" to me - far worse than assault in the court's eyes.

    Also, it was nice of that kid to show up & remind you who he was Bill... now you'll be ready for court.

    Good for you for stepping in last year, too many people just turn & walk away.
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    CAn't believe all the shit with kids that's going on these days. It comes from then not being able to accept responsibilities for their actions. I see it everyday in my school where I work. All that shit goin on and you still went to BB this morning? Damn Bill, you truly are the man. Mad props to you! Sue the little fucker and get him where it hurts the most, his pocketbook. Maybe he'll think twice when his wages are garnished for the next 20 years.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dazed
    u dont go to jail for assault unless its your 20th charge! all the charge means is that bill can go after him civil for damages and make him pay by garnishing his wages and forcing him to work!
    F*#kin' hope so!

    I get so pissed off at these little shits who think that the only crime is getting caught. Then it's the people holding them responsible that are the bad guys.

    Bill, good on ya for doing the right thing and best of luck getting a conviction in criminal and civil court. I hope he gets the reaming he deserves
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    rape charges have been dropped but assailants face aggravated assault charges causing no injuries! lol

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