anyone catch the "DaVinci Code "special on history/ae?
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Thread: anyone catch the "DaVinci Code "special on history/ae?

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    anyone catch the "DaVinci Code "special on history/ae?

    i was really stoked to catch this documentary. it had "baldrick" as a host and was mentioning of the unfoldings of the "greatest secret known to western society" ...or words to that effect.

    typically though, i got sidetracked. (did wind up catching the world's strongest boy though. )

    just wondered if anyone saw the special. if so, what did it cover? ...will it be airing again soon?

    thx Rdub

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    i marked it on my calender, yet didnt mark the time...
    I looked for it but missed it
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    I just finished watching it about 2 minutes ago on expressvu, was quite interesting.

    Essentially they attempted to prove all of dan brown's "facts" false. As a big fan of the book I was a bit disappointed to see some of brown's so called facts disproven so easily, but remain a fan of the book and the lore that surrounds it despite what was presented.

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