anyone know if Singapore is a good place to by MC gear?
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Thread: anyone know if Singapore is a good place to by MC gear?

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    anyone know if Singapore is a good place to by MC gear?

    My wife is going there for 2 weeks in May. wanted to know if our dollar is good there, and if they have simalar gear brand names. I hoping she can pick up some riding pants, and boots.

    I also want her to get me a spy camera, that would plug into my digtal camcorder so I can do some tank cam riding videos. and maybe a tinted visor for my arai

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    My friend used to go there every summer. One thing I know is that there is a lot of fake clothes, even though the tags say it might be 'polo' etc. I've never been there though and have no idea what the motorcycle gear is like, just saying be careful since the quality might not be as good, but I'm just guessing here. Then again my alpinestars gear was made in China..

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    Don't do it. Most gear there is just for show. You get as much protection from an ice-cream pail as one of their helmets, and gear... fogeddabout it.

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    If she can find some genuine helmets that are cheap, do it. Visors are fine too. Never been to Singapore, but I know Japan is a great place to buy helmets and visors. Other gear... good luck. Same price as here.

    Example: Retail for a new Edwards helmet or Giberneau, about $700 + 5% tax... if any. Here, 1100 retail... I think. Tinted visor? 80 bucks. Only 1 problem. They come in purple and green! Guess this doesn't really help you.

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