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    Gear for short women

    NO I'm not a woman.. BUT...

    I have a female friend who is 5' flat and she's having trouble finding gear that fits.

    Any ideas ladies?


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    Custom leathers? Try Vanson leathers. Or, just go in the shops and try everything on. I'm 5'-4" . There is a custom leather shop for women motorcyclists in Vancouver -but I forgot the name - maybe someone can post it here for you?

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    Depends what you're looking for.
    I have a tiny little friend (about 5') that is selling her almost new textile Jacket.
    Let me know if you're interested.

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    im 5'2, 105 lbs and had to get a pair of custom made leather pants. the of-the-rack pants that i could find were always too big in the hips and waist.

    as for a leather jacket, the smallest one i could find for my skinny little body was a teknic.

    we come in all shapes and sizes and there isn't too much selection out there. unless you are willing to put up with a not-too-perfect fit, custom is probably the way to go as suzukijane has mentioned.

    i went to the Original Leather Factory on boundary for my pants but there are other local places that do custom leathers too.

    for good quality custom sport leathers you'd probably have to order out of the country:,,,

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    Got my second suit from SYED Leathers recently (lost 45 lbs. so the first suit is now too big). I can't say enough about the quality and fit of their suits, and you can pick your design from 40 they have or design your own suit, with any colour(s) you choose. The price for a custom suit is actually less than some prices I've seen for Dainese suits in local stores. I found that I can't find off-the-rack pants that fit, I'm 5'2".
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