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    Helmet Question

    just bought an X-large ARAI RX7 Corsair because it was cheap. however, it is not completely snug. i know that the L and M shells are the same and the XL shell is larger, so my question is about the helmet padding. Is it possible to swap the padding for padding that would be more snug? Where can I get it from? How much will it set me back?


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    Hey Dawo ... sadly, helmets just keep getting bigger - if it doesn't hurt when it's new it's tooooo big. Try a doo rag or a welders cap. It's amazing how something thin like that will tighten up the fit. Good luck!!

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    Being a corsair, all the padding in the helmet is removable/changable.

    Go see your favorite shop and buy the thickest padding you can. If you are lucky, it will be enough to fit properly.

    Be aware, it can get a bit pricey. Arai's are not known to have cheap accessories. And being odd sizes, you wont be able to score a deal. Hopfully it will still be worth it.

    Edit: If you don't have a favorite shop, go see Amber at PacYam or Zoe at Daytona. I know for a fact that these 2 have odered padding in the past, for Arai helmets.
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