Who was at Indy?
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Thread: Who was at Indy?

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    How many of you guys went? I saw alot of bikes parked around. Good race,good beer and the woman.........OMG!!!!!!!!!!!I sat in Canada corner and couldn't believe how many times the paramedics had to be called up there!!LOL!!Met Dario,Tony Kanaan,Max Papis,and Greg Moore's dad on thursday at the Indy Gala!That was soooo cool!On friday I went to the V.I.P Drivers party and met Paul Tracey,that was also very cool!!
    God Bless the Indy girls!!!
    Iwish they would leave the track up for another week and open it up to the general public.....................yah right!!I would f@cking love to give it a go!! Any body goin next year?
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    AHHH!!!!! I'm going to cry!!!

    I had silver 3-day passes...in the grandstand across from the gold seats, i would have been sitting so close to the start/finish line, but alas, i had to WORK!!!!

    I wound up giving my tix to a "friend" who hasn't since even thanked me. Yeah, I'm ticked.

    And to make matters worse, at work (at the Bay) they set up big screen tvs to broadcast the Indy and I had to listen to it all day!


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    $45 for sunday only general admission?!? wft r they smoking (besides tires)? as much as i wanted to go (saw it 3 years in a row) i have better palces to spend my $$

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