How do you import a bike from the U.S. to Canada
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Thread: How do you import a bike from the U.S. to Canada

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    How do you import a bike from the U.S. to Canada

    I wanted to get a bike off ebay right across the border in Washington somewhere because you can get them cheaper. I was wondering if anyone here has brought a bike across the border, how much does it cost? How hard is it? What do you have to do?
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    You just have to pay tax on it. And you do that when you register the bike. Also, I've heard that you need to change the gauges so they're in "KM/H" and all that. Also, make sure you're sure the auction you are winning is legit. There are lots of fraudulent car and bike auctions on eBay.

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    You'll need the certificate of title, registration paper, bill of sale and recall clearance letter for the bike. When you cross the boarder, you'll need to pay GST and $185 RIV (Registrar of Imported Vehicles) fee. No duty for motorcycles coming in from the US. After a 1-2 weeks, you'll receive paper work from RIV with a list of inspection centres for the federal inspection. The federal inspection is free. Motorcycles don't need to go through provincial inspection.

    For the federal inspection, you need to make sure the speedometer displays speed in km/hr. You'll also need to bring the recall clearance letter for this part. All the lights must be working (headlight, taillight and signal lights). The inspector will also check the VIN# and make sure the bike is in fair condition (ie. not trashed). Federal inspection is very simple and easy, takes only 10-15mins.

    After you've passed the federal inspection, take the paper work (title, registration paper, bill of sale, etc...) to an insurance agent. Pay the PST, get it registered, get insurance and off you go!

    Since the bike you want is from WA state, I'd suggest you go down there in person and check the bike carefully and phone the local DMV for the history of the bike (to make sure there's no lien on the bike and it's not stolen). It would also be nice to have the seller give you a notorized bill of sale. Hope this helps
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