All RZ's racers!!
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Thread: All RZ's racers!!

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    All RZ's racers!!

    How many of you are actually planning on the RZ cup vs. Formula 3 this year?
    Particularly Randy and Geoff are you guys going back to stock swingers and forks and rims just to compete, or are you guys keeping the upgrades and opting out.
    I'd love to know what everyone is doing as I have R6/fz 600/Bndit400 goods to put on to update my suspension, but if everyones going back to stcok I'll sell it and spend the money on internals...

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    Check out the RZ thread at

    for a list of people who are competing in the RZ Cup (which is probably going to be run in the F3 class unless there are too many of us). In order to run in the RZ cup the bike's got to be almost stock (a few mod's are allowed). Check out the WMRC website for specifics of the RZ Cup rules.

    Glad to have another one out there!
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