Importing racebikes.
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Thread: Importing racebikes.

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    Importing racebikes.

    I was wondering if anyone here has ever imported a bike into Canada for track only purposes? Does the bike still need any documents with regard to registration, ownership or VIN? For example bikes that can't be rebuilt to street legal specs; do they still carry paperwork for ownership, or is there any special procedure I have to go through with customs? I was wondering if I could just bring them in like pocketbikes.. ie just pay tax/duty and declare them as non VIN'd products. I am thinking of bringing back an NSR or VFR400 to BC and want to see how I can do it. I am not looking to make them streetlegal. Thanks.

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    Yeah, I looked into this about a year ago.

    Sorry, I can't remember the exact details...but from what I recall, you can just bring it across the border and pay the duties/taxes. You will have to 'prove' to the customs agents at the border how much you paid for it, some how (I think).

    The main difference I found (with respect to importing a trackbike, vs a streetbike) was that you don't have to pay the $170(?) registration fee once you get into BC, and you don't have to pay the PST - both of these items are usually paid at the MVB or Insurance office when you want to put the bike on the street. You wills till have to pay the GST, however, because that is paid at the border.

    My memory is a bit fuzzy, so you may want to double check some of that info.
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    Simple way is to get a letter from a recognised racing organization that the bike is a race bike along with any ownership documentation and reciepts that you have. You'll pay taxes and possibly duty.

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    If you search this forum, you'll find more than a few useful threads for this. However, most of them deal with importing from the U.S, not China, so check with the Registrar of Imported Vehicles to confirm what is necessary:
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    No duty on motorcycles coming from the US
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    Chris at Vancouver Yamaha, used to bring in grey bikes for sale at Atlas. He may know. Kevin may be able to comment on this.

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