Holy crap dudes.... two motorcycle cops just after you get into Stanley Park causeway south-bound coming off the Lion's Gate. Then unbelievably two more in a pull-out 3/4 through the park, and then, (yes more freakin cops) on either side of Georgia St. just before Denman where George starts on both sides of the road pulling people over.

I was in my cage and the wife did a good job of spotting them. That was about 6:30am today.

WTF... as if they can't catch you at one speed trap?? I feel sorry for the dude who got a ticket, was so pissed and hammered it past the next trap. Would have made for a BAD day.

Doh. I guess the donuts sucked this morning?

ps. there was also a speed sign (covered up) which was 40km/h. I wonder if they're getting ready for stupid construction or something or making it even easier for the cops.