GSXR 1000 guys are you going to do this...
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Thread: GSXR 1000 guys are you going to do this...

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    Lightbulb GSXR 1000 guys are you going to do this...

    I was noticing on the board that some of the boyz had taken out the secondary throttle plates. Are any of you 1000 guys planning on trying this? I would like to know how it turns out as I am working on getting a 1000 and would like to know if it is worth doing.
    I only glanced at the thread so I am not sure if it was a more power mod or a smoother response mod. And I didn't notice if any of those guys had PCIII's or any other type of computer added or not. I can only imagine they did. Sorry to babble just wanted to be as clear as possible.

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    hey,actually have done the tre mod didnt really notice it though,the throttle plate one i heard smooths out the range but its alot of work,this bike really doesnt need anything its great as is,brake mods and suspension revalve is first priority for me,you can change to all short stack intakes insted of 2 and 2 it helps could go on but it is all your decision to make in the end.good luck.

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    Yeah the hot mod over there is to put the 750 stacks on it to move the power rev range. The bike needs pads and front lines. That's about it for now.. maybe a can and some nice revalving like swede said...

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    Thanks for the info guys, was just curious. I would think I will mess around more with the suspension than anything else as well. But down the road.....
    Maybe my EBC Pro Lites rotors will fit on the 1000 wheel hmmmm....

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