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    Question biking videos

    Does anyone know a good place to buy biking videos. You know the kind.. road racing, stunting and so on. I'll need something to watch during winter when i cant ride.
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    I wish.
    Most bike shops carry a few, I noticed RMS had a few for sale last time I was there. Corey (Xyban) used to always go to Holeshot and the other shop across the street out in Langley to get his. Alternatively you could always order them online.. and most goods under $50USD don't get dinged for duty.
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    I know of two stores but there only mail order. I've ordered a few videos and they are great.
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    Wait for the bike show in January, I bought about half a dozen movies last year, and they averaged around 20 to 25 dollars on DVD.

    The guy at the bike show is always willing to deal, so if you get together with some friends and tell him you want to buy 10 or more videos/DVD he is more than willing to accomodate. I can't remember his name but he always has a large display there.
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