Kelowna!! August 16th, 17th, & 18th '02
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Thread: Kelowna!! August 16th, 17th, & 18th '02

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    Talking Kelowna!! August 16th, 17th, & 18th '02

    I'm planning of taking off to Kelowna for the above three days to get some sun and swimming in. My girlfriend michelle and I will be riding two up on my R6. I was planning on going to Sport Bike West that weekend but I'm not thrilled about riding with a whole bunch of people. Apparently the rides are pretty crazy...but it will be neat to hang out with everyone when their in town. Anyways I've already booked a room at the Coast Capri but that's not set in stone...there's a cool place in Osoyoos and it may not be as busy. But as the days draw nearer I'll have a defenite plan. This is what I do know for sure...we'll be leaving Friday August 16th, so if you need to take the day off work...ask now. We may or may not have a support vehicle, but I may offer mine to use for anyone who can drive standard.

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    go to SBW anyway! u dont have to partake in the rides themselves. in 2000 we got up too damn late to go on the poker ride so we just hung out & watched the eoro stunt videos & shit. plus this year owen's got more vents, including a neutral race. plus there r several rides goin out so chances r some of them will b less crazy than others. also, i suspect there may be more of a crackdown on the squids this year cause owen had a meetin with the cops to ensure cooperation and there were so many complaints about idiots in previous years.

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    flying busa
    Hey Curse,
    Bog and I are going up with our little group. Gio, Serena, Jason, Chris, and another friend. My friend Anna is driving up and she's taking all our stuff. Gio is bring his truck with camping gear and tent to promote Westcoast Superbike School. Don't you have plans with Peter and Karen. We're staying in Pentiton. If you want to ride with us, you're more than welcome. We're going to be a real tight other people included unless we know them.

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    2000 was a mad house... the last year of the poker ride! More like poker race. They introduced a new format for SBW 2001. 5 different rides, and to get the door prizes all you had to do was go to the bike shops in Kelowna and Vernon. It is very much worth going there. A lot of fun is had by all...

    See you there...


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    I am pretty sure i would be up for this.

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    Talking Sound's awesome...

    Ya I'm not 100% sure what I'll be doing yet but I do know that for that week off I'm riding my brains plan is to meet up with people and ride to various locat various locations and cruise new roads. Michelle and I both are going to spend some beach time too so we'll see how things shape up...Well Ty caught me squidin it harsh but oh well...Here's what Steve Dick taught front braking. Man I can't wait till next years race course!!!
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    i know i shouldn't be nosy, but please wear a helmet on bikes. i have seen people going down head first in tricks like this. so just becareful.
    ride to last not fast.

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    hey dafnip, we may have room in our group fer ya if ya wanna join. matt (who u met) & myself plus the owner of No Limits & his wife, and likely a couple more. we wont b crazy fast all the time so u will outclass us in speed a bit. but if ya aint got noone else ta ride w, drop me a line.

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    Wink New that was coming

    Ya this was a first and last for me, it was on E's cars. Pretty low speed, really shows just how hard you can grab a handfull of front and not bail. Anyways, the more I think this trip through I'm thinking that Penticton is a good idea and to ride to Kelowna for the festivities. Anyone know of a good campground or hotel in the Motel near Penticton?

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    Lightbulb Okay, things are changing

    So I'm staying at the Coast Capri in Kelowna, they still have some rooms left for those of you who are going. I'd get them quick cuz they are going fast. If anyone wants to go I can get a room added on to my reservations.

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    Went last year and had a good time. will go this year again. But I'm taking Hope-Princeton cause it's a better ride and because the gas station on the top of the Connector is permanently closed.

    I don't do the planned rides, I do my own and it's a great excuse to eat out and do burnouts. Plus I stay at the Coast whenever I can. Book it online guys.. way cheaper.

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    Question Hotels

    Just to let everyone know there is a number of hotles with rooms left.
    Ramada 1 800 665 2518
    Holiday Inn 1 800 465 4329
    Accent Inn 1 800 663 0298
    Safari Inn 1 800 989 9399

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    banana bike man
    Hey gang. SBW is all wrapped up for yet another year. 7 years done and lord knows how many left. Rides went well only 11 crashes and NO serious injuries to life and limb. 450 riders attended this year's event. Look for a band FOR SURE at next year's event. Netural race was well attended and a total gas by all that took part. I gave a dude on a blue Busa a nice rear wheel stand for his first place finish.

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