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Thread: HELP! Is it fair or not? ...

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    Post HELP! Is it fair or not? ...

    Hey everyone...

    Need help here. (no not literally)

    I've got my eye on a '91 CBR600 F2 that (according to the owner) is in great shape. I've seen photos and it looks to be in show-room condition, but am going in person Saturday to see it. The only thing is that the tires are worn and have said to have a season or 2 left on them.

    I've got a tentative offer of $4400; the buyer is suggesting he won't go lower than $4500. Is it worth it or not. I'm not getting much info from the buy'n'sell.

    Your feedback is MUCH aprreciated!
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    That seems a little high, but keep in minds bikes do plateau a bit.

    Before you buy, take it to a mechanic. 5th gear and Grand prix come to mind as they are sponsors, but any good mechanic will do. they'll pick up stuff the average person would likely miss, and can tell you exactly what needs to be done, what the bike is worth, how much wear left in the tires, etc, as well as give you prices for what needs/you want to be fixed.

    best advice anyone can give ya, get a professional to check it out. it'll easily be worth the $50 or whatever in the long run if it prevents you from gettin a lemon.

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    $4,500 is way overpriced for a '91 F2 (even if it's mint), and since he's not even willing to drop $100 from that, I'd keep looking if I were you.
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    i think 4500 for a bike that old is a little steep. I,m absolutely sure that you could find a much better deal if you are persistant, patient and do a little foot work to see severall more bikes. There were recently severall gixer 750's in the buy and sell for around that price. are you keeping an eye on the on line buy & sell? i think it is .i,t great

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    Take what you're willing to pay and offer him hmm.... say $500 less. People offten change their bottom line when faced with cold hard cash! Good luck with it!
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    Man! Thats a lot of money for a 14 year old bike.

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    Whoah ... 14 years old ... that's way high. You can buy a 1994 on ebay right now for 2100 USD which is about $2540.00 CAD

    It better be in the crate for 4500

    Or a beautiful 2000 for $3500 USD which is about 4240.00 CAD

    Tell the seller he/she is DREAMING :-)

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    bro, do you even ride in a straight line? #1 asshole
    dude 2500bux tops if that...... dont buy it its too much money...tell them to get off cloud 9
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    Too much $. It would have to have seriously low km to justify that price.

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    too pricey for an old bike.

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    I paid $2700 for my 88 CBR last year. So I'd say $4500 for a '91 is way too high. If it's in amazing condition, $4000 tops. Bottom line, you can pay $4500 for a newer bike, so why buy a '91 for that much?

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    $4,500 sounds about right for that year and bike...jk tell him to get his head out of his ass and give give 3 grand for it.

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    someone will buy it from him for that much, fool and his money.

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    ouch man that is crazy! you can buy at 97 gixxer 600 or 750 for that much no problem. that guy is crazy...

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    yeah for another $500 you can get something much newer/better. 3 years ago i bought my 91 F2 for $3900 w/32000kms, and my bro got one a few weeks later 91 F2 for $3800 w/38000kms.
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