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    I posted last month about the 8-month Co-op job I have coming up in Germany, and I've been doing some thinking about what I want to see while I'm there. Other than the required weekend-and-two-days trips to Italy, France, Switzerland, and other neighbouring countries, I'd like to visit Eastern Europe for a while. The Czech Republic, Poland, Ukraine, Latvia, Estonia, Russia... I think I would be able to get two weeks off of work for something like that. I know I could train and bus around, but it seems that might be a little slow since I'll have limited time. I realized that, barring theft and breakdowns, an old car or bike might be a great way to get around. And a bike would be much cheaper on the expensive brand of gas they use in Europe...

    Does anyone have experience or words of wisdom for my plan? I'd look around and buy something mechanically sound a couple of weeks beforehand, and then put it up for sale after I get back. I probably wouldn't bother bringing my leathers with me, but I also don't plan on doing speed tests on rickety roads on a vintage CB400 or whatever I'd come across. I'd probably aim for end-of-August/beginning-of-Sept, so there shouldn't be much snow, yet. Man, that would be so much fun...

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    I think if you could affod it, it would be a great idea. I mean by that time, you would have gone for a few months without a bike and im sure withdrawl would be kicking in. And besides, how great would it be to tour across E. Europe on a motorcycle.
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    Make sure you ride the legendary Nurburgring in Germany:
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