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    FS: Various Gear


    1. Shoei RF800 (700?), metallic grey, bought in 2000, medium, $50
    2. Joe Rocket Ballistic textile jacket, black, medium, also circa 2000, $50
    3. Styl Martin boots, bought in 2003, sz 7/7.5 (41 Euro), black, $50
    4. Taurus leather jacket, 1980's vintage, black, $50.

    If you're starting out and don't need the lastest, shiniest, carbon fibre-iest gear, then this is probably for you. All in average or better condition.

    Fits 5'8", 160 lbs., 40". The Taurus jacket is a bit smaller than that.


    5. HJC 1 pc. leather suit, red/white/black, no pucks, bought in 2002, brand new condition, $300. Same fit as above.

    Sorry no pics, I'm too IT-challenged. PM me if interested.
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