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    Armour vest ...

    Is there such a thing...

    A vest with armour padding that can be put on prior to a jacket? (like a spine protector). One of my jackets lacks armour and I'm wondering if this something that exsists.

    thanks in advance...
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    There is such a thing, lots actually but they all cost around 180-250 bucks if its going to have shoulder and elbow pads as well.
    i think Bohn calls it a '' crusader shirt'', stuff like that is also sold at most places that sell downhill mountainbike gear or motocross gear. but for the money i think you may as well get another jacket. not to mention i doubt it'll fit good under your existing jacket

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    You mean, something like this?

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    why is that guy weaing tight leather pants????

    but yeah, there are tons of body armor that you can buy like the bhon one that geeneyes said or there are ones from alpine stars called "Bionic", or joe rocket called "Riot Jacket", or icon's "field armor vest" but lacks armor one your arms and shoulders.

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    Take a wonder through the gear / accessories dept of any dealership and you'll likely find what you're looking for. I might also suggest you check the inner linings of your new jacket... it may have pockets for 'armor inserts', also available at the same shops. In any event, inserts and a spine protector will serve you well until you find the right 'full armor' stuff you're referring to.
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    i was looking that that sort of stuff at RMS they seem to have it, look in their dirt bike section.
    and like the other guy said i dont think it'll fit under your jacket.

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    Icon has a new vest/back protector out. I havn't seen one in person but it looks like it might be good for street riding.
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