I'm posting this for a buddy in EDMONTON. Please don't dare PM me on this as you will get called a fuckin dummy in public ! again I am posting this for a buddy in EDMONTON . all the info is there that you need,I can say, these tires are in better condition than you would expect fotr the $ he's asking, and the new ones.....well they're just NEW and a great price .

BF. I have decided to take a season off professional roadracing and have a truckload of New and slightly used Dunlop sportbike tires that I will no longer need. If you are looking for some quality street, track day or race tires please contact me at 780-433-0553 or on my cell at 780-964-7223.

Here is a price list.
I have all the sizes necessary to fit most modern sportbikes.

Race Take Offs (only 10-12 laps) (50 kilometres)
$200.00 Dunlop DOT D208GPA's Race Take offs per set
$200.00 Dunlop Race Slicks per set

$375.00 Dunlop DOT D208GPA's per set
$395.00 Dunlop Race Slicks per set
$425.00 Dunlop Race Rains per set

Dunlops Web page: http://www.dunlopmotorcycle.com/tire...egory.asp?id=1

PS: I also have a few Joe Rocket Speedmaster Leather suits in sizes 38 to 44 for sale as well.