A couple of weeks ago we went from two vehicles to no vehicles and we are looking for a new place to move to. We tried checking out a couple of places but taking the bus sucks for that kind of work.

So I decided to get a cheap car to use until I can fix the main cage. I'm not picky but the car has to have brakes, lights and at the very least look legal but it has to be on the cheap side.

Checked out the Buy and Sell. Cars were either sold already, taken off the market (I figured that was thee car too), or after spending lots of time taking the bus and walking finding the car was not as advertised, or grossly over priced. I didn't even make an offer on a couple because I figured 1/4 of the asking price was too much.

Since it was such a hassle to travel half way across the city to check out one car I figured I'd try the used car dealers. Some lousy cars are in those lots, no brakes, lights not working, bald tires, yikes!!! Some salesmen were ok to talk to, one in particular was not, and all of them wanted to haggle. I didn't really have the time or paitence for that although I do think there are deals there if you put in the effort, alot of effort.

So at this point I call VWMAN about one of the cars he has. Well that deal fell through (my fault) but he said he should be able to find something because he is always looking for cars to resell (which I guess is why he had a couple posted here).

Turns out he didn't have anything on hand but puts me in touch with a friend who has a car. His buddy is a cool guy, very nice and honest. A mans friends says alot about him. Making the deal on that car was very easy and we ended up with a decent car for a decent price.

And for that I've got VWMAN to thank, which is the purpose of this post.

If you notice he has a car for sale and you are wondering if he is legit, send me a PM and I'll tell you why I wouldn't hesitate to recommend dealing with him.