bike for newb rider?
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Thread: bike for newb rider?

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    bike for newb rider?

    I’m a newb; no license nor bike yet. But sometime after I get past that, I hope to try race school and track time. is there a bike that's forgiving for a newb but not shabby at the track?

    Thanks for any tips!
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    Try a search, there's been a jillion threads on this subject, and I'm sure you will find some good info. Also, it's a good idea to get some saddle time before taking an Advanced Rider Training course, then try the race course after you have done this. Info here:
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    many that come to mind. My favorite is the Suzuki SV650. They stand out with me because of the forgiving power compared to an inline 600, and they have a lot of potential to go fast as you get better.

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    Too bad we couldn't incorporate an annoying pop-up for new people that sign up... n00bs

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    Ease up bud...he didn't know.

    I think we should have an annoying pop-up for people without bikes on bike sites.

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    Well, he obviously didn't bother looking for a search...

    Hey, I may not have a bike but you don't see me making threads like "what is a good litre starter bike", "car or bike" (then end up making excuses to get a bike), or "what cc should I get".

    As a matter of fact, I've probably made only 1 or 2 threads my entire time here it's pretty obvious that I can think for myself and use the search.

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    Kidding... go with the SV650

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    to the particularly "warm" popup welcoming party:
    i did do a search on first/starter bikes. That didn't help much, since my question is more specific: is there a starter bike that's track worthy. That's why i posted here instead of the newbie forum. If u can find me links that answer my question, pray tell and thanks!

    to those who suggested sv650, thanks again!

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    FZR400 would be awesome, but there's few around. I've heard from a few people it's one of the friendliest bikes around, and at 400cc's will force you to quickly learn to be quick in the corners.
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