To have front lights or not to have . . . That is the question . . .
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Thread: To have front lights or not to have . . . That is the question . . .

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    Talking To have front lights or not to have . . . That is the question . . .

    Hi Guys,

    They will be starting work on my 600RR 2005 Friday and I am getting them to install the stop/turn signal in one taillight with no turn signals. That is a 100% decided by me thing.


    I need to ask your opinion guys. The stock front blinkers are wierd looking. Too big and all. I can get two options here.

    (1) Flat ones that just stick out .5cm if even that.
    My Pro: Small. Look cooler. Seen from the side better.
    My Con: Seen not that great from infront due to angle placement I'd think. but then again, I never seen it at night.

    (2) Like the stock ones, but smaller. About 1/3 or 1/2 the size.
    My Pro: Smaller than stock, vibile from in front for sure.
    My Con: Not that cool and I heard of possible water stortage due to the casing that flushes it with the existing hole.

    (1) Which one should I install safety wise?
    (2) Which one should I install look wise?
    (3) Which one is illegal or legal?

    Thanks a million.

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    You don't wanna hear my opinion but i think you should make them as visible as possible.

    Man i must be too old....

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    I'd love to have some 150$ LED front signals that worked great but didnt look so dauntingly stock!

    You would have to compare the signal output during a worst case scenario, IE daytime with bright sunlight. If the ibiots (drivers) dont see what youre doing, you will find yourself in a world of hurt a lot if you ride the street.

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    Go with the brightest, mounted as far as possible from the headlight.

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    I'm using GREGG's CUSTOMS flushmount turn signals up front. great during nite/low light riding but during the day it could be brighter.

    check them out:

    they also offer a WHITE cover version - the ones I own and describe above. so far they work great and in my opinion look steathy goodness.

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    the back turn signals must be at least 20 cm apart. Integreted Brake/turn signals are illegal unless the turn signals are 20 cm apart and then it would be an ugly brake light!!!

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    vancouver yamaha deals with watsen directly.

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