Hi Girls,
I'm organizing a fundraiser for The Big Sisters Association Saturday, June 25 Between 12:30pm and 4:00pm.

The Bike Wash will be at Carter Motorsports on Granville Island. There' will be some Big Sisters and Little Sisters but we need some girls that know the community or want to get involved in helping these girls raise funds for their program.

If you are not aware of this The Flying Swan is sponsoring this charity as well of all the others. In return for your help and time I will get all the girls involved a tank with the Hot Chicks Ride Logo on it.
This is such great cause and your help and support will be much appreciated.

Please Pm me if you are interested in participating in this worthy cause.

ps. They'll be a 'OPEN HOUSE FOR THE CARTER'S BIG SISTERS CHARITY RIDE" ride at the Swan afterwards 4:30pm.

ps. If there are some guys that would be willing to help move bikes this day please pm me. Thanks gang.

ps. there will be food and drinks for all volunteers as well.