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2003 GSX-R, New brakes, and now a vibration

Ok, so over the winter i put on some new galfer stainless steel lines on my 03 750, along with a set of their HH pads. The bike has 23,000 km's on it but they are not hard miles as i don't do stoppies on the brakes, I do run 2up a fair bit but both me and my gf are not heavy people. Now whenever i brake over say 80km's/hr. i get a vibration. The bike still brakes really hard i just geta vibration in the front end. I have about 2-300km's on the new pads and i took it easy on them for the 1st while and have heated them up good that last few days dooing some brake testing. Does this sound like my rotors are hooped? or mabey the front wheel bearing?, Im gona change my front tire in the next week or so as it is just at the wear bar, but has some life left in it. Any one have any suggestions to my problem? Oh, i used some emerycloth on the rotors before putting the new pads on over the winter as well. I tried swaping back in the old pads but the vibration still seems to be there but seems to be less pronounced, though that could be in my head.