They need your vote!!!
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Thread: They need your vote!!!

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    They need your vote!!!

    Keep in mind the next provincial elections:

    Work less & Have sex

    goddamn i wish i could vote twice!!!

    p.s. this is not a joke )

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    All sounds good to me

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    The Work Less Party look like a bunch of tree hugging protestors, and the Sex Party is nothing but a bunch of ugly girls.

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    I'm doing the workless thing. It is better and healthier but fewer toys (like bikes).

    Sex Party sounds like my kinda party. But they are right, Canadians are very uptight about sex and nudity (as though those issues are always connected) and laws should be updated.

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    As soon as that big check from the federal Liberals comes through, I'll be spending half my time at my new add agency and the rest, golfing with my new buddy.

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    You don’t need government intervention to decrease your work week, you need to be conservative with your finances and plan your life well. Something that very few people do.

    France Drops 35-Hour Work Week

    French lawmakers effectively abolished the country's 35-hour work week Tuesday by allowing employers to increase working hours — and pay — as the country struggles with high unemployment and stagnating living standards.

    Most concede, however, that the original 35-hour workweek — introduced on a voluntary basis in 1998 and made compulsory two years later — has failed to create the promised millions of jobs.
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