1994 Pontiac Firefly
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    1994 Pontiac Firefly

    For sale :
    1994 Pontiac firefly. 2 door, 5 speed, 3 cylinder,179k,Aircared till Oct 2006.
    New clutch
    New front control arms(had to replace complete control arms because ball joints are not replacable)
    New rear brakes(front brakes about 80%)
    New Timing belt
    AM/FM Casette(had a cd player in it that got stolen, so i replaced it with a stock honda stereo i had)
    Very clean car.
    Minor stuff wrong with it-windows don't like to be rolled all the way down or they stick, and it has a bunch of minor scratches/scrapes here and there.
    I have receipts for all major parts i replaced.
    PM or call my cell at 604 765 2403
    Asking price 1900$ OBO
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