I had seen this auction on e-bay and couldn't beleive the price on this unreal sled so I e-mailed and this was the answer back got:

Hello and thanks for your interest in my 2004 Special Edition Red/Silver Yamaha RX1.

First of all I want to let you know that I have two units available and both of them are in a perfect shape with no damage,no scratches or dents, no hidden defects, exactly as advertised.They are brand new sleds with one year warranty on them.One has 10 miles and the other 0 miles.

I'm the owner with the title in hand and the transaction can be completed quickly. You will receive all the papers and documentation, the clear title and the certificate of origin and all the bills and invoices. There is no liens on the title and you will not have any complications about the registration and licensing.

Actually I am located in Rome,Italy. I am living here for three months because my sister has medical problems and needs a urgent a marrow transplant.We still need some cash for this medical intervention and I decided to sell my sleds since I have not time to use them and I need cash as soon as possible.

Terms & Conditions Shipping and handling:
The shipping address must be provided before sending the payment.The sleds are located in USA in a warehouse that work with ebay.The shipping will take around 5 business days.They already crated, sealed and packaged, ready for shipping and all the costs regarding the delivery will be included in the price.
After you'll receive the it(them), you'll have 3 days period to test it(them) and see if it is exactly like i described it(them). If, for some reason at all, you don't want it(them) or you simply don't like it(them), there will be no question refund back.Anyway I am sure you will love it(them) from the moment you'll see how beautiful they are.
After you'll receive it(them), you'll have 3 days period to test it(them) and see if it(them) is exactly like i described it. If, for some reason at all, you don't want it or you simply don't like it, there will be no question refund back.Anyway I am sure you will love it from the moment you'll see.
The selling now price for one unit is US $3800.If you are interested in both units I have available the price for both is US $7200.Like i told you, the shipping is included and also you don't have to pay any customs or duties because all taxes were paid when purchased.

The entire transaction will be done under Ebay surveillance and they will assist us both in order to finalize this transaction smooth.You will have to send the money to ebay by a money transfer(I prefer this payment method because it is the fastest) and I will not receive the money until you will receive the product(s) and you will inform ebay that you decided to keep it(them).
I hope you'll agree with my terms and we'll finalize the transaction smooth and fast. If you're further interested, reply me with your full address for shipping and your complete contact information in order to ask ebay to start the purchase protection program with you .Ebay informed me that soon after that they will contact you with all the details for a safe and quick deal.Let's conclude this deal.

Thanks for the conceded time.I'm waiting for your reply.
Best regards


P.S:I regret I couldn't answer you earlier.My sister didn't feel too well in the last days and I had to take care of her.