Okanagan for the long weekend?
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Thread: Okanagan for the long weekend?

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    Okanagan for the long weekend?

    I know it's short notice but...

    Anyone interested in going up to Penticton for the long weekend? I'm thinking skip off work Friday and head up there, then ride Saturday, come home Sunday.

    I'm gonna be going to Penticton Friday morning anyways, so if anyone is headed up that way or is interested in doing the ride let's hear about it.


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    I will be heading up to Penticton on Friday. Problem is that the wife and kids won't fit on the bike. When you pass a blue mini van with wife and kids, it could be me.

    I need a bcsportbikes.com sticker for my rear window.

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    DingChavez, if you're planning to ride up on Friday, then I'll probably come along. I'm meeting up with a bunch of friends in Penticton because they're all driving cars. Hopefully we'll organize something quickly...also, I'm planning to head back home on Sunday as well...post reply or pm me if you're still going..
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    I'm heading up that way. But I'm leaving today (Friday) at noon-ish. Where are you going to be riding? I'm there for the weekend, coming back monday.
    Is there a meeting place / time in Prenticton or Osoyoos? Post up!

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