**DB Com Transponders are now in stock **
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Thread: **DB Com Transponders are now in stock **

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    **DB Com Transponders are now in stock **

    After some hassle getting them here...

    They are now in stock.

    10 in total but 4-5 are Pre-sold. Get then while they last.

    Cost is $225 until April 15th 1pm. After that they will be $245.

    **We also have power adapters that enable you to hook it up the the bike so it turns on and off with the bike ignition.

    Sorry no leather pouches are available as the company wanted to high a cost on them. U can get chepp leather pouches from Radio shack.

    Small note:We have gotten some calls asking if were the official supplier for the Wmrc for these.WE ARE NOT.We bought some for our riders and decided to get a bunch extra to take the hassle out of getting them yourselves.we arent making money on these.this is our cost with shipping, duties etc...so first come first serve.

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    Only Two left!!!!!!

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    One Left!!!!!

    Becuase of the demand for these units we will be ordering a few more. If you want one at the cost of $225 you must have payment into us by Fri April 15. As that is when we will be ordering them. After that they will be $245 each.

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    None left ......next order will go out on the 15th and we will see them by the end of the month.

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