Sending parts to the US
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Thread: Sending parts to the US

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    Sending parts to the US

    I've got a hydraulic clutch that was bought in the US and imported here. Taxes have already been paid on it. I need to send it back down to be reworked and modified (no, nobody here can do the work). What do I need to do so that:

    A. The company receiving it doesn't get hit with taxes and tariffs (if there are any)

    B. I don't get hosed with taxes on the way back for the part. Also, will CCRA tax me for the work they did?

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    call canada customs. i think you need to have claim the item with can. customs before you send it and need documentation of that and the work done while it was down there. i've had warranty issues and have had no probs. i shipped via point roberts.

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    When you ship down to the states write NCV = No Commercial Value in the declared value box. The American's have it easy, anything under $250USD gets by without taxes/duties anyways. When the your item is being shipped back to Canada make sure the company writes WARRANTY REPAIR all over it. Otherwise its a big song and dance to get any duties taken off the packet.

    Then again I could be talkin' out of my ass....
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