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    Playstation 2 with lots of extras

    Here is a sweet deal for any rider on a rainy day. Up for sale today is the following.........A PS2 system used by and adult in great condition, with the original box. It also comes with 2 memory cards, 3 dual shock controllers One of them is still sealed), 4 person multi tap connector, Brand new extention cable, brand new dvd contoller. The games are Grand Turismo 3, Tiger Woods 2002, 2003, 2004, N.B.A. Live 2002, Madden 2001 and Metal gear solid. I have two jobs and a motorcycle, I don't have tim for games and when I do want to play I just use my brothers X-box. My ps2 play like new because it pretty well is. I also have another 60 games to go with the system. The other 60 games are not original they are copied with full color covers, and covers on the cd. My system is chipped and you don't need to use a boot up disk. Just insert the cd like any other game and play. If you are interested please email me for a list of the other 60 games. My price is $350.00 firm. or

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    1)Prince of Persia sands of time
    2)Van Helsin,
    3)Tomb Raider
    4)Angel of Darkness,
    5)Kill switch,
    8)Scooby Doo Mystery Mayhem,
    9)Jet Li Rise to Honor, 10)James Bond Everything or Nothing,
    11)Evil Dead,
    12)WWF Smack Down Just Bring it,
    13)Syphonfilter The Omega Strain,
    14)Return to Castle Wolfenstein,
    15) Midnight Club 2,
    16) Enter the Matrix, 17)Spiderman,
    18)Smuglers Run,
    19)The Sum of All Fears,
    20)Terminator Dawn of Fate,
    21)The Hulk,
    22)Blade 2,
    23)Batman Vengeance, 24)Dead to Rights,
    25) Knight Rider,
    26)City Crisis,
    27)Police 24/7,
    28)Esacpe from Monkey Island,
    29)Crazy Taxi,
    30)Armored core 3,
    31)Indiana Jones (3 cdís),
    32)Grand Theft Auto3,
    33)Test Drive Off Road 34)Wide Open,
    35)Resident Evil Code 36)Veronica (2 cdís), 37)WinBack Covert Operations,
    38)Moto GP,
    39)Pirates the Legend of Black Cat,
    40)No One Lives Forever,
    41)Stunt G.P.,
    42)Tetris Worlds,
    43)Stuntman (2 cdís),
    44) Lord of the Rings The 2 Towers (3 cdís),
    45)The Thing,
    46)Grand Theft Auto Vice City,
    47)Mike Tyson Boxing, 48)Virtua Fighter 4, 49)Extermination,
    50)Spy Hunter,
    51)Age of Empires Age of Kings,
    52)The Mummy Returns,
    53)James Bond Agent Under Fire,
    54)Dues Ex (3cdís),
    55)Hot Shots Golf 3 (2 cdís),
    56)Swing away Golf, 57)Disney Golf,
    58) Hitman 2,
    59)Socom U.S. Navy Seals

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