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    Vancouver car show

    Anyone has been to the car show yet ? is it worth the 12$ ? Thinking about going on Sunday.
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    I don't think there's any good car ho's, so what's the point, ya heard?!

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    Nope, never any car ho's. You used to be able to get a lot more free stuff too (one year I picked up a bunch of Viper and M5 posters), but the vendors have gotten stingy.

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    I went tonight with a couple co-workers after work. Saw some interesting 2006 cars and concept cars, got to sit on a Valkryrie Rune (huge and scary), checked out a "customized " R1, where the girl in the booth tried to tell me it had $50K worth of "customization" (in reality about $2K an most, what BS!). Sat in a Smart car, a Mustang convertible, a few SUV's that my co-worker was thinking of buying (ugg!), and a merc.

    Perks? got a free razor and a free RV/bike Auto Trader... whatever.

    The most interesting thing was the UBC Racing display where the engineering students had a built racing car with a '99 ninja zx6r engine that apparently posted 0-100 times (~3.5 secs) that were faster than the sweet Porsche GT that I had just drooled over. That was a good laugh and the guys were fun to talk to.

    Overall, it was pretty fun, but it was my first time at the BC auto show, not sure if I will do it again next year.
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    Not worth the $12 unless you want the papers (swag) or are planning to buy a car but have no idea what kind of car or which dealer you might be interested in. If you have no idea what kind of car/suv you want to buy it will save you more than $12 in gas.

    Basically it is just the local dealers all in one spot. Nothing other than that worth $12. In fact you can see more on the lot. We are kinda interested in the Echo but they did not have a single two door model, mostly high end, high profit cars/suvs where on display.

    I'd be interested in a car show (rather than a dealer show) where we could see custom cars, fuel efficient cars, electric cars and cars from clubs. It would also be nice to see aftermarket stuff both performance and bling.

    But the dealers are not going to let those guys in. That would have to be put together by the car clubs themselves...maybe the car clubs, aftermarket sellers and speciality car displays should be called "The Car Dealers Show".

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    i got my ticket free....if i would of had 2 pay for it i woulda been pissed...i thought the show sucked....the events where ppl bring in custom cars is WAY better

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    Ya it was alright for a free ticket but I don't think I would have paid the $12 to get in. But there are definitly some nice cars there!!

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