Hang gliding and paragliding
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Thread: Hang gliding and paragliding

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    Hang gliding and paragliding

    Anybody into either of these sports? Im wondering if there is any local places to get a novice hang gliding liscence. I found lots of places for paragliding but only one for hanggliding and its in kamloops.
    If you have done either post up with what school you took and if you had a good experince with them and if its worth the money.
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    I know there's a school which eventually practices off Hwy 7 towards Harrison. I don't know the name, but know it's out there, so keep looking. Hang gliding is my next activity to learn.
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    There is Deimos Paragliding http://www.deimospg.com/Deimos6/index.html
    And ipraglide.com
    I was planning to get into paragliding this season but may not get to it

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    Another one to check out

    Blue Thermal Paragliding
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