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    Newbie here

    I registered today. I currently live in Seattle as UW student. I am graduating this june and moving to Vancouver. I ride 05 R6 and hope to ride with you guys soon.
    Anyone have an experience bringing a US bike to Canada?
    I heard I would have to pay tax on my bike once more at the border.
    I was going to sell my bike here and buying a new one after the move, but... I see that Canada MSRP is more expensive than US after the $ conversion.

    Also, is ICBC the only insurance company? I have state farm insurance here and I pay $28 per month for full coverage. In state of WA, insurance is optional.. I don't know how things are in Canada... so if someone could comment on it, it will be great.

    Lastly, I took Motorcycle safety course in US and have endorsement. Anyone know if I would have to take a test or course again?

    I am sorry I have so many questions.

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    I think the tax only applies to imported vehicles if you live in Canada and want to bring in a bike. As part of your personal possesions due to having lived for your time in the US I believe you'll be allowed. But it depends on your time in residence down there. Best to check with Canada Customs.

    If it shows on your license as a motorcycle rated rider then they should accept that.

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    It also depends on how long you've held a license. In BC, we have a graduated licensing program that takes a minimum of 24 months to complete. If you can show proof that you've held a license for longer than that, it'll be a breeze to get it switched to a BC license.

    Basic insurance (3rd party liability + medical & wage loss + uninsured motorist protection) is mandatory and is based on the size of a bike engine... in the region of $500/year, and must be bought through ICBC. Unfortunately, there has been quite a bit of theft occuring lately. Collision and comprehensive (includes theft) insurance is quite high, but you can either go with ICBC or a private insurer for this portion.

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    $28. a month for full coverage, can't get any better than that.
    My 02 Honda F4i was like $160. a month full coverage. (ICBC)
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    yeah, insurance here sucks assssss....
    u could get basic from ICBC and get the rest from they are located on vancouver island. if u do that, it could save u up to 800 a year.. but the requirement for them is that u must be atleast been driving for 10 years.. yes car license for 10 years not riding..
    and according to icbc, motorcycles does not require any inspecting when moving here.. check out the link...
    hope this helps

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