I have a slightly used SL56 for sale. I bought the phone about 2 months ago. It is in 9.5/10 condition with a tiny scratch on the screen. Phone is locked to Rogers I think but not 100% sure. I have no way of checking but if you have a sim card that you want to test then you are more than welcome to try. There is no lifetimer on the phone but I'm estimating that I've put about 15 - 20 hours on it during the 2 months I've used it.

The phone comes with original box, manuals, CD and charger. The phone is not branded. It only says SIEMENS on the front and nothing else. It is the original "titan" color which is a sort of off-silver slightly beige color.

Here is what the phone looks like...

Reason for selling is that I need more money so I decided to switch back to my Nokia 8890 and sell this one off instead. PM or e-mail me if you have any more questions.