B.C. Democratic Reform Party
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Thread: B.C. Democratic Reform Party

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    B.C. Democratic Reform Party

    Thought I would start another thread about a new provincial party, rather than hijack the other thread about federal libs.

    There's a new party in B.C., called the Democratic Reform. According to a friend who knows about this party, they have organized and elected a candidate in every riding. If you are curious about the party and it's platform, then check out this site:

    Back in BC, yay!!!
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    new party

    No thank you.
    Looks like a new version of Reform to me.
    Same crew, different flag

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    My MLA is Elayne Brenzinger and although we met when she came out to a BCCOM MLA ride, she has crossed the floor and now become a DR.BC candidate. I've tried to find out more about the party but I must say that the media circus around her has put me off.

    As a gun toting, right wing, identity christian with strong homophobia and a zenophobic outlook, I think that they are a little too middle of the road for me.

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