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    mixin dunlops

    I have a pretty much brand new d207 on the front and iam gonna get a new back tire today....do you think i should get a 208 on the back with the 207 on the front or get 207's all around....any why....thanks

    or should i just spend the extra and get a set of 208's. keeping in mind iam a newbie, so i wont be cornering too hard, and iam a broke ass student
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    Front tire controls both cornering and braking. D207's are at least 3 years old (did you check the date code melted into the sidewall yet?) and are probably hardening up nicely....

    For commuting and getting the feel of it sure, mix 'em up. But get a new front as soon as you can.

    Also check the front for a block height difference from one side of the tread sipes to the other. If it's got much mileage on it I'll bet there's some difference of this sort. That's called "cupping" and typically happens on the front tires due to braking and improper air pressure.

    Besides unless it's VERY old stock you won't find any 207's. And if they are that old I wouldn't want them anyway. Go with the 208 or some other brand that is decent but cheap and replace the front in a couple of months when you can.

    And of course taking off the wheels saves you a bunck of money as well. Hopefully you're able to do that level of work yourself. If not it's time to learn...
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