What is Bias ply vs. Radial
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Thread: What is Bias ply vs. Radial

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    What is Bias ply vs. Radial

    Hey all,
    Not a new rider at all, but i feel like a dumbass newby for not knowing this. What is the tech. difefrence between Bias Ply and Radial tires? i want to put a set of Pirelli sport demons (bias ply) on my 89 honda bros (hawk GT). I have no idea what the difference is, or wether my current Metzelers are bias or radial? Can i put either on my bike or can my bike use only bias or radial. I know it says not to mix them. I just don't know what kind i am supposed to have right now? i have a feeling it's a user preference thing.....

    Pirelli's sport demon

    Can someone explain this to me in Dumbed down terms?

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    can someone move this to bike tech.. cheers

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    OK, question about the difference answered..thanks shovelhead for the research. so why does pirelli say "Top conventional bias play tire with modern performance and mileage for late '70s to early '90s bikes" is it just to keep the factory style? or what? i think i can put either tire on my bike. Just a question of preference i think. (according to what those links say)

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    I own an '89 CBR600 and when doing research on tires a few years ago, I was told by a local dealer that I shouldn't put Radials on my bike. Never really got a good reason why (and I had radials on at that time), but when I looked back over the different tires I had put on over the years, the bias tires were always the tires I liked the best. Of those tires my Pirelli Demon's were the tires I liked the best.

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