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    Question Spring Training?

    Hey all! First time poster looking for some tips on getting back on after the winter off.

    April Fools tricked me into putting my bike back on the road. (Yes, I saw the forecast, but I live in a healthy state of denial when it comes to going riding again).

    First ride was just a short jaunt across the 2nd Narrows to visit some friends. A little chilly, but just good be riding again. False confidence was built, and my second ride of the season was the S2S after work. Add in the twist of trying to get it done before dark, and I had the scariest ride of my career. Wrong RPM range, bad shifts, poor weight transfer ... Everything just made it feel like I was all over the road.

    So before I end up in a 'rider down' thread, does anyone have any tips/reminders for the new season?

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    I usually go straight for the big empty wide open parking lot and practice making the tightest figure 8's I can, progressive braking, slow maneauvers in general. I say normally because this year I chose to do a track day on my first day, and man did I suck.

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    Take your time. Just remember you lost a lot of your "skill" and you have to regain it. Just take it easy and work your level up slowly. S2S is a good place to start as you have probably done it a thousand times. Just go to a slow level, and keep working up to your old level.

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