Creamy Oil?????
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Thread: Creamy Oil?????

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    Creamy Oil?????

    This, I know, usually means bad news. Had my bike stored for the winter in a closed in garage and decided to take it out to get its tune up to ride. When I checked the fluids, the oil cap and view window are covered with the dreaded creamy residue. Any one know if that means a cracked head or anything serious like that. I think I already know it's bad news but maybe...... The bike is only a 2001 with 14,000kms and always had regular service done!!??
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    Moisture buildup during the winter months is normal, this will condense on your cap (etc) during your first ride in a little while, especially if you check it soon after starting up.

    Now if you go on a long ride to properly warm up the engine and the cream remains (and your oil level is rising) then there is a problem.

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    2001 with 14000 km??? how the fuck is that possible, it's definately ur biek lashing out and saying that you're not riding enough. I if were you, I'd start her up, and let her sit for 10 minutes, get it her nice and hot, u know....then drain the oil, replace the filter, replace the oil...even check her air filter. Maybe sing her song saying how much you missed sir are a dick, you've neglected the most important part of ur life.

    actually, u should just do an oil/filter change....some people may argue that if u run it longer enough, the condensation will burn off...I'd rather treat her nice with new oil..I'm happily married to my gixxer, and anything she wants, she gets.
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    Water or coolant!

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    that build is normal,if you take off the clutch cover its probably covering it like mildew in there.I had a customer really concerned and ask me to take of the cover and it was like beige paste inside the whole cover as well.(it sat since novemeber in a enclosed garage)

    i say run it till its super hot (fan on)then go run it round the block then change the oil and filter(only if your that worried.).

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    Probably moisture build-up from the winter. run it till hot, change the oil and filter. then take it for a run, if turns creamy again you've got probs.

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    What he said.

    I'd change it right away, leave the filter in. Do some riding, then change the oil & filter a second time. Hey... you're supposed to keep your baby as a trophy in the living room not in a cold garage!

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    if it stays afer you have run the engine it may be blowby as well. you may have ring problems. But you would notice that from blue smoke billowing out of the back as you drive. so it kinda rules that out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by westvan_dude
    ... Hey... you're supposed to keep your baby as a trophy in the living room not in a cold garage!
    Like this back in Newfoundland winter? This was my bedroom (in my parent's house, off the rec-room). I was lucky, we had a ground level side door to our basement, so my FZ750 and RZ500 just rode right on into my room each winter. Now my buddy's bedroom on the other hand (in his parent's house, off their rec-room) was down a flight of stairs. It was interesting getting his NS500 downstairs without the bike taking flight down into a wall. His father cursing and swearing the whole venture while standing at the top of the stairs holding a rope to let the bike down easily and his mother along side yelling not to mark the walls. We were successful; both bike and walls went unscathed.
    Our bikes were tucked away in our rooms for winter.

    Oh yeah, my wife tends to frown upon such suggestions now, so my bike stays outside in the garage. Mind you, I don't take off the insurance, so the bike is always at the ready for a ride on any dry day.

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    All bikes get creamy oil when they first start up each time. The normal blowby into the crannkcase contains water vapour and that condenses and gets into the oil until it warms up so for a few minutes any bike has creamy oil each time it runs.

    Just go for a good ride and it'll be fine. I'm assuming here that you put it away with new oil. If it was used a bit in the Fall then run it for a good one and change as said above.

    But it's all quite normal.
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