Riding in a snow storm
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Thread: Riding in a snow storm

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    Riding in a snow storm

    Last night i had my first classroom with Next Level. Scotty and the rest of the gang were great, even Dat was giving alot of great info. I am super stoked and i am looking foward to this sunday at Boundry Bay. Now the funny part, i left the class around 10:30 to a freaking down pour. Riding in the rain is not a big deal. But right after i got on highway 1 it started to SNOW. yes thats right i said SNOW. I was shitting my pants and thinking thats it, I am dead meat. Finally was able to get off at 264 and stayed at the Best western for the night. I am amazed that i made it that far without crashing on the highway, someone upstairs must like me.

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    Too bad Greg, I think the snow let up around 232...Kidding. it did seem to stop shortly thereafter though. Glad you were safe!

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    bro, do you even ride in a straight line? #1 asshole
    ....a little snow dont hurt no one.... and it was more rain anyway..u can thank whomever u want but the bottom line is..u took it easy and made it just fine...
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    Good plan on crashin' at the Best Western Greg, And here I thought I was the only one...I too rode home from work around 9 last night and god damned if that hail didn't sting like a mutha------ hahahaha

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    that sucks

    I feel for you......I was thinking on my way back from class, man I am going 60km and I can't see a bloody thing (in the warm warm car) and then I thought ............I feel for the guys who rode their bikes to the school. That was some strange weather out there, it was like the bermuda triangle or something
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    I couldn't funking believe it. snow
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    I road home the other weekend from Merritt to Kamloops on the Coq because the weather looked shitty. I was right. It started to snow all the way home.

    I just hooked onto a bunny and did much more than the speed limit all the way home.

    Made mental nte to buy better gloves and heated vest if I want to do that again. Took me 30 minutes beside the fireplace and a hot chocolate just to warm up.
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    Driving home from the course I thought to myself "Self you are so smart to have taken your truck tonight."

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    Greg = Dumbass

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