01 GSXR Catch Can? wtf?
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Thread: 01 GSXR Catch Can? wtf?

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    01 GSXR Catch Can? wtf?

    I need help with my 01 GSXR.

    I have no idea where to place it on the motorcycle, and what to run into it. I do have the over flow for the Rad.

    P.S. What size does the catch can have to be?

    Thanks for any help.

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    run any open ended hoses into it
    rad/fuel/battery depending on what your bike has
    some people like to use pop cans, i have some aluminum tube thingy under my tail, most people put them on the side of the bike tucked behind a fairing

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    I used a translucent bicycle water bottle squeesed into the area behind the carbs. It's sitting on a 60 degree angle but it fits and ain't goin nowhere. All your overflows must go into this bottle. This is mostly a case of the radiator reservoir overflow (note that the rad cap line runs to the reservoir that should be kept about 1/2 full and that te reservoir has it's own overflow tube), battery overflow if there is one, not many do now adays and finally the gas tank overflow and vent lines must be in there as well. There's two lines off the tank. One that goes to a little drain hole in the recess around the fill neck to drain away any water or gas that gets in there and the second which is the gas tank vent line. This vent line should go into the bottle but should be short enough to only just go in. You don't want it sucking up the sludge in the bottle, if any, into the gas but if you go down you don't want the gas that will run out of it to go on the track or your stinking hot exhaust pipe. Zip tie it to the rest of the lines so the end stays in the bottle but only by about one inch.

    Solutions of what to use abound. From the pop and beer cans to pop bottles or even in one case a guy that added brass line fittings to holes drilled into his hollow swingarm (how he drained it I have no idea....). So be creative but I vote for a bottle that you can see into. Also it should be at least a 1/2 liter in volume if practical.
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    Do you need a catch can even if your bike has fairings with a full belly pan?
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    Quote Originally Posted by KatRider
    Do you need a catch can even if your bike has fairings with a full belly pan?
    Yes, the belly pan is a safeguard for catching oil, but other fluids from the bike would emit from higher up and not be caught by the belly pan.

    I've also used contact lens cleaner bottles as catch cans for smaller breather hoses, but I also drilled a few vent holes on the rim around the neck, small enough not to let fluids slosh out, but big enough to allow venting.
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