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    Many of you probably already know this but I'm new to riding (about 3 months) and I just thought I'd pass this along. I tried wearing earplugs tonight while I was riding and I have got to say.....what a difference! The wind noise virtually disappears. This allowed me to relax and focus better (didn't feel like I was going as fast) and really helped me hear my engine, making throttle blipping on downshifts much easier. I think it should help me to feel what the bike is doing much more when I'm riding. I'm definitely gonna wear some plugs on the 18th at mission with WCSS.


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    It really helps you calm down on the highway too........you feel the bike much more instead of hearing it.

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    It also reduces the fatigue you feel after a long days ride. You ride faster and are more aware because you're not subjected to constant 80dB noise.
    One caution when putting speakers in you're helmet. I found that you simply need to use more volume to hear the music, but the net result is more noise over noise. Still use the ear plugs or get the speaker ear plugs instead.

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    I, too, am a staunch ear plug convert.
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    Me too, I got my first set 5 years ago and have not looked back. These days I have added sound by way of an old set of big and comfy headphones. This way I can have my earplugs in and have music playing, and since the headphones were big they further reduce the wind noise.

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    Matt James
    Earplugs are great! They shut out the nasty high frequency sounds associated with motorcycling and leave the sweet low frequency engine rumblings. I just ordered a pair of Shure E2c isolating earphones. Now I can I'll be able to to have the best of both earplugs and headphones. I got em for $99 at Long and MacQuade in Vancouver. That's way cheaper than those Etmotic ones mentioned in a previous thread.


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    earplugs for highway rides all the way. i find if i do a trip without them, i get that dreaded " seashell noise" after the trip (like holding as seashell to your ear and you can hear "wooshing". i hate that). plus its nice to hear the engine rumble and nothing else.
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    banana bike man
    I had vented \ filtered ear plugs made 10 years ago. As comfortable as your own skin and the venting allows you to hear normal speech.
    Got a second set built with speakers right in.

    Every one should wear some sort of hearing protection while riding.

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