MotoGP What A Race!! (SPOILER)
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Thread: MotoGP What A Race!! (SPOILER)

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    MotoGP What A Race!! (SPOILER)

    Now I'm really sorry I didn't make it up to Stella's to watch the race with the boys. That was an incredible finish!

    Sorry to see Nicky fall off -- again but he did qualify and run much better than he has in the past. I guess the pressure is really on this year.

    What happened to the big duel that was suppossed to take place between Biaggi and Rossi, Max was a no show!

    That final lap and the big bump was incredible. Cheers to both Rossi & Gibernau for keeping the rubber side down, it really looked like they might take each other out of the race. I'm not surprised that Sete was complaining about a sore shoulder. Rossi probably had a rather sore leg.

    What a great way to start the season. I watched the CART race right afterward and boy was it boring by comparison.

    Cheers to "The Doctor"

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    Rematch is this weekend!

    Sunday at 1pm on Speed.
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