crf 450 motarders (front sprocket 15t)
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Thread: crf 450 motarders (front sprocket 15t)

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    crf 450 motarders (front sprocket 15t)

    well my fault for not checking in, I ordered some brake pads and a 15 tooth front sprocket for an 04 crf450 from carter when I was in buying chains and wire and stuff, and I phoned back today and they have in the brake pads but they didnt order the sprocket (forgot) and cant get one till monday. problem is I have mission race school day on monday.

    do any crf motard guys have an extra front sprocket (15t) I could buy off them? heheh I'm gonna be a pretty slow bastard on the straight.


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    i don't have a spare, but you could try bill at 5th gear... with my 14/39 gearing i hit about 145 tops with the dirt ratio tranny in there on the street and i think about the max people hit on the mission straight is ~170. but don't worry, when i went through the wcsb school last year everyone on the track is going pretty slow, and they won't let you pass until about half way through the day. i seem to remember they won't let you pass anytime after the kink at the end of the straight, so you'll just have to rally until there. when i went through on my r6 my second gear was totally gone, and i was having to rail the corners in 1st bouncing off the rev limiter at 16000rpm, and then short shift to third. some people were passing me on the gas out of the turns and on that straight, but if you're good on your brakes (and on your crf you'll be able to still be on the gas when the sportbikes are well past their last chance brake marker) you can easily repass everyone. when i was there there weren't too many savages on the brakes and it was pretty easy for me to stay right at the front with some good hard braking to make up for my acceleration handycap. you'll want to stuff everyone going into every corner, and you've got the bike to do it on. watch out though for flying bikes; there were lots of people going down and sliding around. you can make up some serious time if you find the good line linking turns 4-7 (there's a tight line that allows you to stay off the brakes, but you have to have some red bull and some big cohones there; you can even pass there)

    make sure you bring an ease up and some lawn chairs and don't forget your stand. i'd recommend going for some rides this weekend and working on hard braking.

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