2001 Honda Reflex, 250 cc scooter, fun machine !
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Thread: 2001 Honda Reflex, 250 cc scooter, fun machine !

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    2001 Honda Reflex, 250 cc scooter - SOLD !

    Tired of the rising gas prices? This might be your answer, a 250 cc scooter! Lots of fun to ride and a peppy little engine. It is a far superior scooter than the 50 cc ones. This is a one of a kind, nothing quite like it. I imported it from the States. It is the best looking 250 cc scooter out there! If you are looking for a scooter, seriously, what are your options?
    Big Ruckus (250cc) at $6999 … give me a break!

    Aprilla Derby (50cc) $4700
    Honda Jazz at (50cc) $2500
    Yamaha/Suzuki (400cc) scooters at $6999/$7999

    Excellent condition. Silver, 7K miles, never dropped, well maintained, religiously oil changed, and comes with full repair manual. Can go highway speed with no problems, large storage space, center stand, & stored in shed. Email me at silverreflex2001@yahoo.ca for more specs or go check out Honda site. I love the bike, only reason I’m selling is that it’s time to move up to 600 cc bike.

    Asking $3500
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    Sold! Now I get to go shopping for a 600 cc or more bike

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