help : replace crankcase cover
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Thread: help : replace crankcase cover

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    help : replace crankcase cover

    hi all:

    any help would be cool with this.. i have a stock crankcase cover for a 96 zx6r. i want to replace it with an aftermarket one.

    could anyone tell me how much an aftermarket costs ? is it hard to replace by myself ? what are the steps involved ? where's a good place to get it from ?

    any help would be much appreciative.

    thanks in advance !

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    A lot of people have gotten NRC covers, especially those guys that race or go t the track regularly. Price is around $190 (?) I think...don't know how to install it, but I'm sure you can find a lot of guys around here that do know.

    I'll try to find the website.
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    I've got Woodcraft covers for my gixxer. They are made from billet aluminum rather than cast (like the NRC's) and are very nicely machined, however, the Woodcraft's are a touch more expensive than the NRC's (I paid $400 for both the left and right covers on my gixxer).

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    The NRC I got for the left side of my F2 is SOLID. I heartily recomend them....... And they are Canadian TOO. They weight a tad more but they won't break in any but the worst drop.

    Gord at Imperial can get them at a competitive price. Price varies depending on what the size of the parts is. Drop by and check with them. Order time was short in my case as they had some in stock back east. If you have to wait for a batch to be made then it might be longer.

    Install was simple. Order the covers and a set of gaskets. Drain oil, (good time for a change, right?) remove screws, move stator or clutch parts over to new cover, hold cover in place, install screws, done.
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    cool thanks..

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