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Thread: Cleaning up the threads

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    Cleaning up the threads

    I've procured a centre stand for my aging VFR and some of the bolts I had to remove to allow mounting of the centre stand bracket were less than cooperative. I guess 12 yrs and a lot of mileage allows a bolt to get rather attached and a couple of them chewed the threads in the aluminum on the way out to the point that I know *if* I can get the new bolt in, I'll never get it out without drilling or some other drastic action. Threads are still there, just chewed up in a couple of spots. Should most shops be able to clean them up for me, or do I need a specialist of some sort?
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    Take it to a shop. Any good one will have taps to tap the threads. Simple process if you have the tools.

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    If it took material out with the bolt, don't put the new one in without re-tapping the hole with the correct size and pitch tap. If it's really nasty, install a timesert, or heli- coil or something like that to repair the threads.
    Most shops should have what you need.
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    I agree that if it brought out metal embedded in the bolt you'll certainly need the helicoil. If it's just rough then clean the bolt up well with a wire brush or get new shiny smooth ones and grease up the threads with ... er... grease and run them in and out a few times. The grease and smooth threads will cold form any small burrs back into place. It may be damaged enough that when you go to torque it down they strip and if that happens then you can either go helicoil or go the cheap route and tap it for the next size larger bolt be it metric or imperial. Helicoils aren't cheap.

    I'm guessing that it's probably an 8mm bolt so the next size up that would tap in nicely would be a 3/8-24 NF. You'll need to ream out the remaining threads with a letter Q drill to prepare for the tapping job. Or try a 21/64 drill. It's a touch smaller but it should work. Don't go to the 11/32 as that won't leave enough meat for the threads.

    And when you put the stuff back in there use Never Seize or at least some good water resistant boat trailer axle grease on the threads so they don't weld into place again.
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