i posted this on craigs list and i thought i would post it here as well

i love honda cbr 600 f4s and am totaly ga ga over the fuel injected F4i, they just fucking rock. They look good and drive well. I miss doing wheelies on the way to work and this bike can let me do them in the comfort and style that i need and love. i Want to own one bad. real bad

Right now i own a large collection (some might say pile) of motorcycle history. All or any of which i would be more then willing to trade in part or in full for a nice fast new honda. Please take my 72 Norton commando (with corbin seat and collector plates) or my fast race ready 88 FZ600 with its full none running parts bike. Or perhaps you might be interested in a slower yet classy ride? Well then please consider one of my nifty white Vespa 150's scooters. i have two, take both. Maybe you might even be interested in the crown jewel of my collection a 90 % restored, one of a kind 1946 triumph 3t delux? nice bike a real head turner. Give your self the head turning respect you deserve but not for sheer power but for class.

if none of the above wonderful chunks of two wheel motorcycleing history tickles your fancy then i have cold hard cash. canadian dollars, small bills or large.

Call me, send a email or what ever I just want your bike