new rider looking for info about groups
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Thread: new rider looking for info about groups

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    new rider looking for info about groups

    to the point , im 21 still in my first year of street riding and i just finished proride motorcycle training. ive got more bike experiance than street ( thanks trail riding ) so im looking to get into some group rides with people that dont have to be going 280kmh to have a fun in the twisties.Im a relitivly down to earth chap also i read the "rhubarb" post and it makes sence Any info you vets can give me would be very apperciated

    Thanks for your time
    Marc D.
    quote of the day " better late than dead...most of the time"

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    Good timing, come out to flying swan on monday, They're covering group riding, signals, and buynch of other fun stuff. We post newb rides quite often, and feel feel to start up slower paced rides, there's no shortage of riders looking to ride safe.

    Welcome to the forum
    anyone wanna lend me a bike ?

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    Read The Pace. It's quite good.

    Also, ride you own ride when out there and if you see people whom you feel uncomfortable with, don't ride with them in the future. Go on one of Phil's (Boarder) rides, he does a good job planning and having the 'safety chats' and they are generally pretty well organized.

    Good luck, be safe and Welcome to BCSB

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    Every good thing has been mentioned already. The NRN on Monday will be great as they will talk about group riding, group ettiquite(sp?), and of course, signals within the group. Rumour has it that the Newb rides should be starting any week now. As soon as the weather warms up a touch more for there to be enough newbs, and of course, constant sun helps too. Dark at 8pm means a lot of noobs can't ride past N. Van because they have to be home before dark.

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